Today I’m getting a little personal.

My dad has prostate cancer, and he probably wouldn’t appreciate me going ahead and posting this online for the whole world to read, but it’s for good reason, I swear! After a prostatectomy last year and 8 weeks of radiation this summer, there were still traces of cancer cells left, and my dad, a mister-fix-it-type, was not pleased to hear that the cancer wasn’t totally gone. Understandably.

So rather than wait around and hope for the best, he started seeking out different ways to try and slow down the cancer’s growth.

mom & dad on Thanksgiving before going vegetarian — no more turkey now!

After some book reading (The China Diet) and lots of skepticism he was finally convinced that a diet adjustment could really change the pace at which prostate cancer grows. I haven’t done quite as much reading myself, but I’m more convinced than ever that your diet plays a huge HUGE part in your health. I mean, I know the benefits of eating light, cutting down on fat and calories, but the type of diet change he’s decided on isn’t for the faint of heart.

One thing I admire about my dad is his determination. It seems that too many people diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or other deadly diseases don’t take that information to heart. My dad always says, ‘ they haven’t been properly motivated’ aka, told they will die if they don’t make a change. I just heard on the radio a few days ago that doctors weren’t giving their obese patients any advice on losing weight… Hello? Isnt that why you go to the doctor??

In a matter of weeks, my dad went from enjoying a turkey burger and fries once a week to a strict vegetarian diet. According to The China Diet, the countries who consume the most fat and animal protein are also the ones with the highest rates of disease and cancer. Go figure.

my dad & sister this past Christmas — settling into vegetarian life
my dad & sister this past Christmas — settling into vegetarian life

Since beginning his diet, my dad has lost 14 lbs. in about 3 months. He wasn’t a big guy to begin with, so his latest challenge is finding foods that keep enough weight on while sticking to his new way of life.

Dad, I couldn’t be more proud of you.

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