Hi, I’m Blair, the cook, writer and photographer at Cookin’ Skinny! I blog because I like to eat, and I like to share the things I make.

Ever since graduating I’ve had a thing for cooking. Maybe it was one too many episodes of the Barefoot Contessa, but the culinary bug bit hard. I started culinary school shortly after graduating. I learned a lot, but after one semester I had decided I didn’t want to be a restaurant chef. They used too much butter and cream for my liking.

I started Cookin’ Skinny as a way to fulfill my passion for cooking and to share my love of a healthy lifestyle, entertainment, good friends and of course, good food.

I recently moved from Dallas to Chicago. I travel when I get the chance, and you’ll start to notice that a lot of my inspiration in the kitchen comes from the food I’ve seen and tasted while traveling.

Besides my love for food, I design websites and blogs by day at my design company, Leap. I also adore peonies, hydrangeas, a good Italian Prosecco, white dishes and I think that no girl can have enough shoes.

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy the recipes and even have a little fun while making them!

Cheers to living the good life!