Over the past few years, I’ve gotten pretty good at cooking for one. Those meals used to end in mounds of leftovers. A serious case of my eyes were bigger than my stomach. But I’ve gotten better, and this one is perfect for one!

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of kale, why? It’s pretty cheap and Trader Joe’s sells it in pre-chopped packages, making it super easy to make salads with it! On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a fresh salad and this one hits the spot. I like to add lots of veggies to it so that it’s filling enough to hold me over until dinner.

It’s also a serious power lunch! My version of kale salad is packed full of veggies and good fats from avocados, almonds and olive oil! This is one salad where I recommend adding the dressing about 15-30 minutes before you eat it. Kale is fibrous and adding the lemon juice early helps break it down a bit. If salads for lunch isn’t your thing, try it as a side salad for dinner for 2 people!

Looking for another way to use kale? I’ve had it with my caesar dressing and grilled chicken and it’s perfect!



Prep Time 6 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Course Salad, Soup
Servings 1
Calories 214.8 kcal


Nutrition per Serving Cal: 214.8 • Fat: 11.4g • Carb: 25.3g • Protein: 9.3g • Fiber:9.3g • Sugar: 4.5g
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1/8 avocado, cubed
  • 1/4 cup tomatoes, chopped
  • 3 baby carrots, sliced
  • 1 scallion, sliced on the diagonal
  • 2 tsp sliced almonds
  • 2 tsp freshly shredded Parmigiano-Reggiano
  • 1/2 tsp olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • a few dashes of garlic powder
  • S&P
  1. Combine all ingredients through Parmigiano-Reggiano in a bowl. Add olive oil and toss to coat.
  2. Squeeze a wedge of lemon over the salad and season with a few dashes of garlic powder and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Toss again to combine and let the salad sit for 10 minutes to start breaking down the kale — you can eat it immediately, but it will be more bitter and tough. *Add grilled chicken for more protein, if desired. (not included in nutritional data)

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