How To: Chop an Onion

1. Start by cutting off the end opposite of the root end. You want the root end to remain intact to hold the onion together.

2. Flip it over on the flat end so it doesn’t roll around!

3. Slice it crosswise, right down the middle.

4. Peel back the skin, but don’t rip it off! It provides you with something to hold onto. If you have sensitive eyes, put those onion goggles on now!

5. Slice several planks, cutting almost all the way through, but not totally. Again, you want the onion to stay together. For a finer dice, cut thinner planks.

Here you can see the planks go almost all the way through, but not completely!

6. Now chop planks the other way.

Almost done!

7. Slice down the onion to dice it. It’s quite nice and you end up with uniform-sized pieces.

8. Repeat with the other half of the onion and start showing off your new onion chopping skills! This also works well with dicing tomatoes, but use a serrated knife (the same one you’d use for bread) so that you don’t smush the tomato!


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